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Pistas nuevas y Colaboraciones musicalesordenadas por tempo

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  1. Pista de base Jazz-Rock # 127584 StJrayGlezBassLumySecuenciador:    StJray
    Bajo:    GlezBass
    Guitarra:    Lumy
    Compás: 4/4  Tonalidad:: C  Added my Epiphone Dot to this Jazzy wonderful track using Lexicon interface with Audacity but unfortunately I don't know much about how this works to have the best sound, so it's just been recorded without any...

  2. Pista de base World # 127583 ArkRockStudiofrankyguitarGuitarra & Batería:    ArkRockStudio
    Guitarra & Batería:    frankyguitar
    Compás: 4/4  Tempo: 60bpm Thanx very much Titus for a great opportunity and some inspiration. Hope you like the direction what I felt for :) Enjoy:D

  3. Pista de base Folk # 127581 StJrayShiPeterpingoGuitarra:    StJray
    Voz:    Shi
    Bajo & Mixer:    Peterpingo
    Tonalidad:: C I just had to make a little add for this fantastic track by StJray and Shi. I had to make a little EQ on the mastertrack to make the "round" bass sound go along with St´s wonderful Nylon string. I hope all it ...

  4. Pista de base Unplugged # 127580 CaroljoyceJypekaKaiPlanTeclados y afinados:    Caroljoyce
    Secuenciador:    Jypeka
    Contrabajo:    KaiPlan
    Compás: 6/8  Tempo: 80bpm Tonalidad:: Eb 

  5. Pista de base HipHop # 127579 PawlikivaxTueGiLSecuenciador & Teclado:    Pawlik
    Guitarra:    ivax
    Voz:    Tu
    Bajo:    eGiL
    Well put TU! Wish i had the HD file with your vocals, did the best i could with the mix :)

  6. Pista de base Electronic # 127578 Rob112Rob112ArkRockStudioBajo:    Rob112
    Secuenciador:    ArkRockStudio
    Compás: 4/4  Tempo: 88bpm Tonalidad:: C  Great inviting tune Rob. Hope you enjoy the trip buddy.

  7. Pista de base HipHop # 127577 PawlikivaxeGiLSecuenciador:    Pawlik
    Guitarra:    ivax
    Bajo:    eGiL
    :D :D :D :D :D :D

  8. Pista de base HipHop # 127574 PawlikivaxPawlikeGiLSecuenciador:    Pawlik
    Guitarra:    ivax
    Bajo:    eGiL
    Cool jam guys! I had to play along with a bit of bacon ;)

  9. Pista de base Unplugged # 127573 donskFrankieJALawrence1jamladyALawrence1durukSecuenciador:    donsk
    Guitarra:    FrankieJ
    Voz & Mixer:    ALawrence1
    Voz:    jamlady
    Bajo:    duruk
    Tempo: 70bpm Tonalidad:: F  just a little touch to a already great track... thanks to donsk, FrankieJ, ALawrence, jamlady and anyone who takes their time to give this another listen :)

  10. Pista de base Pop # 127572 PsychoSteffrankyguitarBatería:    Psycho
    Teclado:    Stef
    Guitarra:    frankyguitar
    Compás: 4/4  Tempo: 60bpm Tonalidad:: C Thanx very much Stefano :) Wonderful add for this nice old from Bruce !! Missing him since a while ! Played some notes in the first half. Was not easy to stop :D Hope one of the very nice Loopnatics will do the...
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