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Remix step #2


Shi388 jams
Remix step #3 (playing)


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Another masterpiece of Joe (Relativity) and Shi, to which I again tried to add a little humble groundwork type of carpet. Thanks to both for providing such gems of art here, I feel honoured that I could play along. Hope you like my noodling ;)


abril 14 2018 18:20:49
sounds like Joe and Shi... and Wolfgang on the bass !:) nice line :)
+1 abril 14 2018 18:23:52 Shi wjl
Thanks Shi! The first track since about 40 years or so where I actually used a plectrum! I wanted to enhance this steam locomotive groove of the track. And you described Joe's relocation manager like no other could. Thanks my dear! :)
abril 01 2018 16:30:50
Love your flowing bouncy bass line which fits perfectly and sets an Awesome vibe!
+1 abril 01 2018 16:34:09 Itocpogo wjl
Thanks again Itoc - so kind of you! :)

And: the bouncy bass line like the beansy bouncy burger, from the Swedish Chef? ;)

marzo 27 2018 17:53:15
Sounds very lovely...some very nice bass work!
+1 marzo 27 2018 20:24:15 tytlblues wjl
Thank you Tytl - that's very kind! :)
marzo 26 2018 08:51:37
wjl very classy stuff my friend, the bass is very well executed and supportive, i feel the same way as Joe, you need to dare to come in front a little bit more, anyway very good stuff and great line up
+2 marzo 26 2018 09:51:27 jussef63 wjl
Thanks Jussef, also for the great tips! That's really appreciated! :)
marzo 26 2018 09:56:01 jussef63 jussef63
Any time my good friend
marzo 26 2018 03:41:54
Thanks Wolfgang. The pulsing bass works very well! I do feel you could come up a bit more. Thank you for joining again! Appreciate it!
+1 marzo 26 2018 03:47:26 Relativity wjl
I have to thank you Joe, for the cool template. Didn't wanna destroy it, you almost did a one man band here already. And then Shi even in layers - simply couldn't resist ;)
marzo 26 2018 03:53:09 Relativity Relativity
You are not destroying anything. The problem is that within a month your bass will disappear completely. Bass tends to fade over time for a reason called dithering. Please dont ever feel you are intruding. Its about fun and I and I am also sure Shi and others would agree, its about EVERYONE having fun and showing their talents in the best possible light. If anything increase bass volume just a bit and it will settle in. Theres a post in the forum about this.
marzo 26 2018 03:57:17 Relativity wjl
Well there's a HD file if you really like that bass - and you'll notice that I also doubled some of your guitar to make that a bit more prominent. But of course I could also provide a single line.
marzo 26 2018 02:56:02
Very subtle bass work that's a great fit.
+1 marzo 26 2018 03:00:17 Wade wjl
Thanks Wade!
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